Artificial Intelligence Journal:
Deadline for proposals: January 20, 2018 (prolonged!)

The Artificial Intelligence Journal (AIJ) is one of the longest
established and most respected journals in AI, and since it was
founded in 1970, it has published many of the key papers in the
field. The operation of the Editorial Board is supported financially
through an arrangement with AIJ's publisher, Elsevier.
Through this arrangement, the AIJ editorial board is able to make available substantial funds, (of the order of 230,000 Euros per annum), to support the promotion
and dissemination of AI research. Most of these funds are made
available through a series of competitive open calls (the remaining part of the budget is reserved for sponsorship of studentships for the annual IJCAI conference).

The current call has a deadline of January 20, 2018 (prolonged deadline!) and a budget of 120,000 Euros.



The deadline has passed for submitting  a proposal for promoting AI Research for the Spring 2018 call. Next call will be in the summer.

You can read about how to apply in the PDF HERE.


AI Journal 16th call for sponsorship applications

For this call (June 2017) and given the budget for the call and the criteria for the evaluation of the applications, the sponsorship committee decided to grant the following 17 applications

In the 14th funding round (June 2016)  14 activities were funded.
In the 13th funding round (January 2016) 34 activities were funded.
In the 12th funding round (May 2015) 17 activities were funded.
In the 11th funding round (December 2014) 25 activities were funded.
In the 10th funding round (May 2014) 19 activities were funded
In the 9th funding round (Dec 2013) 15 activities were funded.
In the 8th funding round (June 2013) 15 activities were funded.
In the 7th funding round (December 2012) 22 activities were funded.
In the 6th funding round (May 2012) 15 activities were funded.
In the 5th funding round (December 2011) 19 activities were funded
In the 4th funding round (May 2011) 9 activities were funded
In the 3rd funding round (December 2010) 17 activities were funded
In the 2nd funding round (May 2010) 7 activities were funded
In the 1st funding round 20 proposals were submitted of which 12 were funded.

Sponsorship of an activity by the AI journal may be acknowledged by display of the AIJ logo; here is a high resolution version AIJ Logo - High resolution, and a low resolution version for web use AIJ Logo - web

Should you need an address in order to send in your application you can use:

Artificial Intelligence Journal
Elsevier B.V.
Radarweg 29
1043 NX
Amsterdam , the Netherlands
Telephone +31 20 4852222