AIJ Review Form

Part A


Please answer the following questions “yes/no” and provide appropriate justification as appropriate.


Is the paper technically sound?

Does it show sufficient applicability to AI?

Does it place new results in appropriate context with earlier work?

Is the paper sufficiently novel? (A paper is novel if the results it describes were not previously published by other authors, and were not previously published by the same authors in any archival journal.)

Is the paper complete? (Generally, a paper is complete if it includes all relevant proofs and/or experimental data, a thorough  discussion of connections with the existing literature, and a convincing discussion of the motivations and implications of the presented work.)

Does anything need to be added or deleted?

Is the result important enough to warrant publication?


Does the abstract adequately reflect the contents?

Are the summary and conclusions adequate?

Does it contain adequate references to previous work?

Does it explain clearly what was done that is new?

Does it clearly indicate why this work is important?

Is the English satisfactory?

Is the presentation otherwise satisfactory?

Are there an appropriate number of figures?

Do the figures help clarify the concepts in the paper?



Please provide a detailed review of the paper here.