Formatting Requirements

Articles for submission to the Artificial Intelligence Journal must be submitted via the Editorial Manager system (EM).

Articles must be written in English.

Articles should be formatted for printing on A4 standard (210×297 mm) or Letter size standard (8.5″ x 11″) paper. They should use a format style that facilitates making notes in the margin: single column presentation and at least 11 pt font is desirable. The small-font, double-column format that is used in some conference proceedings should not be used in AIJ submissions.

Submitted articles should contain all the information that normally is part of an article, in particular an abstract and the list of references. Illustrations that are intended to appear in the published paper must be included with the same, or nearly the same graphical quality as in a published article.

If the paper is accepted for publication in the Journal, then the final version of the paper will be sent to Elsevier, our Publisher. The Publisher will then have a number of additional requirements on the form of the paper, as explained on the Elsevier page for the AIJ. (Please click “Guide for authors” and “Artwork” on that page). It is not necessary to adhere strictly to the publisher requirements at the time when an article is submitted for review, but it is recommended in any case to do so since it will facilitate your work later on.

A page describing the recommended latex style files can be found here:

The elsarticle LaTeX document class.