FAQ for Prospective Reviewers

Articles that are submitted to the Artificial Intelligence Journal are partly reviewed by Editorial Board members, partly by other highly qualified researchers. If you have been asked to review a paper, and in particular if this is the first time, the following answers to Frequently Asked Questions may be of help.

How long time do I have for making the review?

Six weeks from the date of receipt of the article, unless otherwise agreed. Of course it is an advantage, particularly for the authors if you can do it at once.

Is there a reviewing form to be filled in?

A form with Reviewing Instructions is available on this website. Notice, however, that the use of the form is not obligatory, and free-text reviews are also welcome. The reviewing form will automatically be sent to all reviewers.

If the paper is really weak, do you want me to make a full review anyway?

An explanation of what the author(s) have to do in order to do better next time is of course a service to them. However, if the answer is going to be no then it’s also in the authors’ interest to get to know that quickly. Therefore we prefer speed over detail in such cases.

In all other cases a detailed review is expected.

Where shall I send the review?

 All reviews should be uploaded within the Editorial Manager system.