Classic Paper: Deep Blue, Campbell et al., 2002.

Prominent Paper: Nasari: Integrating explicit knowledge and corpus statistics for a multilingual representation of concepts and entities, Camacho-Collados et al., 2016.

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The journal of Artificial Intelligence (AIJ) welcomes papers on broad aspects of AI that constitute advances in the overall field including, but not limited to, cognition and AI, automated reasoning and inference, case-based reasoning, commonsense reasoning, sing, ethical AI, heuristic search…

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25th april 2021

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Open-World AI

The submission deadline for the Special Issue on “Open-World AI” is January 15th 2023. See call for papers.

Explainable AI

The Special Issue on “Explainable AI”, Edited by Tim Miller, Robert Hoffman, Ofra Amir, and Andreas Holzinger, is...