Reviewing Instructions

A quality review cannot in general be reduced to answering questions in a standard form, and many reviewers feel that they can best express their assessment of the submitted article by writing a free-text memorandum. At the same time, there are a few questions that we like to get answered for each article and where a structured form is preferable.

The AIJ reviewing form therefore consists of two parts: the structured section and the scientific review proper. This reviewing form will automatically be sent to all reviewers.

In order to prepare your review, please complete that form and upload it via the Editorial Manager system. If you need to use formulas, please improvise them in text format or use latex codes if at all possible.

However, if it should be essential to use e.g. extensive formulas or graphics for your review, you can upload these separately.

Also, please prepare the review in such a way that it can be forwarded to the author(s) as the feedback to them. Any further comments intended exclusively for the editors should be added to the “Comment for the Editor” text box in the Editorial Manager system. Also, if you prepare your review e.g. in PDF, you may wish to make sure that the parameters of that document do not unintentionally divulge your identity or affiliation.