AI Journal - Classic and Prominent Paper Awards 2020

The AI Journal is pleased to Announce Two Awards for papers published in the journal:

- The AIJ Prominent Paper Award
recognizes outstanding papers published not more than seven years ago in the AI Journal that are exceptional in their significance and impact.

The AIJ Classic Paper Award 
recognizes outstanding papers published at least 15 calendar years ago in the AI Journal that are exceptional in their significance and impact.

In 2020, eligible papers for the Classic Paper award are those published in AIJ between 1970 and 2004. 


The 2020 Classic and Prominent Paper Awards were given to the following papers:

2020 AIJ Classic Paper Award

Temporal Constraint Networks

R Dechter, I Meiri, J Pearl - Artificial intelligence, 1991


This paper extends network-based methods of constraint satisfaction to include continuous variables, thus providing a framework for processing temporal constraints. In this framework, called temporal constraint satisfaction problem (TCSP), variables represent time points and temporal information is represented by a set of unary and binary constraints, each specifying a set of permitted intervals. The unique feature of ... Cited by 2462 Related articles All 19 versions

2020 AIJ Prominent Paper Award

Conflict-based search for optimal multi-agent pathfinding

G Sharon, R Stern, A Felner, N Sturtevant - Artificial intelligence, 2015


In the multi-agent pathfinding problem (MAPF) we are given a set of agents each with respective start and goal positions. The task is to find paths for all agents while avoiding collisions. Most previous work on solving this problem optimally has treated the individual agents as a single ‘joint agent’ and then applied single-agent search variants of the A* algorithm. ... Cited by 329 - ‎Related articles

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