About the Artificial Intelligence Journal

The Artificial Intelligence journal (AIJ) is the longstanding premier journal on Artificial Intelligence broadly concieved. Since it was founded in 1970, it has published many of the key papers in the field. AIJ publishes original papers on all aspects of AI, whether they describe proposals for new ways of looking at AI problems and the results achived, or novel AI methods advancing performance in application areas.

Apart from Regular Papers, the journal also accepts Research Notes, Research Field Reviews, Position Papers, Book Reviews, and papers summarising Challenges and Competitions from all areas of AI. Please see the complete call for papers for additional information.

In addition to regular issues, there are from time to time, Special Issues devoted to a particular topic.

The Journal is published by Elsevier B V, in monthly issues. Published articles can be accessed free of charge.

The Artificial Intelligence Journal Division (a subdivision of IJCAI) is responsible for management of the editorial process, and other AIJ activities such as the allocation of sponsorship funds and the selection of award papers.