AIJ Classic Paper Award 2021

The AIJ Classic Paper Award recognizes outstanding papers published at least 15 calendar years ago in the AI Journal that are exceptional in their significance and impact. Factors influencing the decision of the award include:

- Did the paper start a significant new line of research?

- Has the paper made a major theoretical advance?

- Has it heavily influenced other researchers (whether in or outside AI?)

- Has the paper influenced applications?

A nomination may come from anyone. Posthumous awards will be considered. Nominations are welcome until May 14 2021.
Submit your nominations in simple text using the form below at:

For 2021, eligible papers are those published in AIJ between 1970 and 2005. You find the list of Eligible Classic Papers here.


AIJ Classic Paper Award 2021 Nomination Form

1) Paper Title:

2) Authors:

3) Year (the year of publication must be between 1970 and 2005):

4) It would be appreciated if DOI or a link to PDF could be provided:

5) Update on author institutions if known to be different to those on
original publication:

6) Impact and significance

Give a brief statement (500 words or fewer) describing this paper's
impact on artificial intelligence research or practice, addressing the
factors listed in the call for nominations. Evidence of the
significance/impact should be provided/referenced.

7) Proposed Citation (to appear on the award certificate -- citation
should begin "For outstanding contributions to ..." followed by a
phrase of not more than 20 carefully edited words that reflect the
reasons for the proposed award)

8) Nominator

Nominator Name:
Relationship (if any) to authors: